Saturday, March 2, 2013

Prevent and Handle Tomcat Attacks

Apparently, when it's not just people in Surabaya and surrounding areas are worried because of the threat of insect Tomcat. Even today, this insect has been spread to a wider region including Central Java, West Java and around the city. Insects Paederus beetles can cause inflammation or irritation of the skin. Although not dangerous but this insect is very worrying threat.
Insects Tomcat is a friend indeed farmers because of the kind Paederus useful to repel pests such as leafhoppers. Leafhoppers are insect prey for Tomcat. Paederin this is one very powerful inflammatory material. Different responses seen in the skin is dependent on, the duration of exposure concentration, and individual characteristics.
In the case of patients who have a history of sensitive skin or allergies and asthma sufferers usually have more severe manifestations. In mild cases, there is usually a slight erythema or redness of the skin that lasts for several days. In moderate cases, erythema develop into vesicles and bullae or raised bumps filled with fluid from blisters are small and widened over the past few days. Subsequently, followed by squamous stage when the blisters dry out over a week, and then leave the hyper-or hypopigmented patches.
In severe cases, in addition to showing redness and blisters wider, may show additional symptoms, such as fever, neurological pain (neuralgia), bone pain (arthralgia), and vomiting. Typically, there is little inconvenience caused dermatitis, ranging from mild to moderate when exposed to touch. Affected individuals may inadvertently paederin fluid transfer to other areas of the body, such as the genitals or the face. If the liquid is exposed to hands and rub people's eyes in the area around the eyes will occur this Genesis conjunctivitis have been reported in eastern Africa that disebit as the "Nairobi eye".
Insects Tomcat will automatically discharge the event of a collision with a touch of human skin or directly. It could also touch indirectly through towels, clothing or other equipment is contaminated by the poison tomcat. That's why, if it is exposed to automatic dermatitis such as bed sheets, pillow cases, towels and tools allegedly poisoned tomcat to be cleaned.
Prevention and treatment
Avoid direct contact with these animals. Direct contact with animals is tantamount to attach the skin to the toxin. Usually skin will feel hot followed by the emergence of spots itchy, watery and black marks on the skin. If you want to get rid of it, use paper or blow it, do not directly hold it by hand. If the skin is exposed to toxins Tomcat immediately washed using soap, do not smeared toothpaste, eucalyptus oil, balsam oil, wasps, because they will exacerbate the inflammatory reaction in the skin.
Early treatment is the main contact with irritants and removes substances paederin with by washing the area with soap and water as clean as possible. Blistered area should be treated with cold wet wet, followed by a strong topical steroid such as hydrocortisone 1% ointment betametasone or other anti-inflammatory ointment. Antibiotics are not necessary when there is no sign of a secondary infection.
Giving ointment acyclovir no relevance to this disorder, because acyclovir for diseases caused by viruses. An interesting study conducted in Sierra Leone on 36 patients. Most or 50% of patients given oral ciprofloxacin in addition to topical steroids. Time is statistically faster healing in patients, which suggests secondary bacterial infection, most likely from Pseudomonas Peaderus.
Do not rub the skin or eyes on contact with tomcat. The poison is on the skin can infect other areas touched by the hand. Rinse your hands before touching other body parts. Environmental hygiene to prevent insects Tomcat. Remove plants that are not maintained and ensure cleanliness of the park so the animals would not nest there. So that Tomcat did not go home, then you should cover the windows and doors or vents with mosquito netting. Usually insects Tomcat liked the bright lights at night. So you should always close the doors and windows of the house, especially at night. Or should turn off the lights at night while sleeping house.